Frequently Asked Questions

What are Digital Products?
Digital products can be anything that can be delivered digitally like event tickets, ebooks, subscription services etc. We offer a range of digital products that are updated regularly. You will be able to browse our available products upon sign up.
How are the products delivered?
Products are delivered digitally via email and can be accessed online or downloaded to various devices and e-wallets.
How much will my school earn?
Your school will earn 50% profit on every digital product sale which is 3 times more than the margins earned on non-digital products that have higher overheads due to storage, packaging, shipping etc.
Can we track sales by class, club, student, etc.?
YES! We offer extensive reporting capabilities within our application, with all of the tracking data being updated in real time. You will be able to easily sort the data using different filters and view it as you choose.
Can we have more than one fundraiser happening on this platform at the same time?
You can run any number of fundraisers on our platform, at the same time. You can also enable role-based management of campaigns within your school.
How long does it take to get the fundraiser set up?
You can set up a fundraising campaign within minutes.
Does GOOD for SCHOOLS provide promotional materials?
Yes, we offer a variety of promotional materials such as email templates, on-line interactive help and guidance, FAQs, graphics, etc. to help you and your students run effective fundraiser campaigns. Apart from that, we regularly advertise nationwide to increase our brand awareness, which encourages the public to trust our platform and buy digital products from your students.
Is there training and help available?
We offer a wide variety of training that includes online help manuals, instant chat support and email support available 24/7.
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